So you are getting married. Congratulations! Are you tired of the same old glass clinking traditions at weddings to get the newlyweds to kiss. Try an alternative at your wedding reception. Here are some ideas that will get away from the traditional clinking that everyone dreads:

Putt for a kiss- Set up a putting green, and have guests try for a “hole in one”

Bowl for a Kiss-Same idea as the one above, except you have guests bowl for a “strike”

Bowl for a Kiss- (using WII, have the DJ put the game on a big screen with an LCD projector, so all of the guests can play along and have fun too!)

Shoot For A Kiss- (Using suction cup, Bow & Arrow)

Sing a song with love in it- The DJ can stroll from table to table, and guests can sing their favorite song with the word love in it

Share your favorite memory or story about the bride and groom- This one is just like the one above, except you are sharing a story, as an added bonus, (**Have the DJ/Entertainer record them for memories later)

Have guests make their favorite duck or animal calls

Take donations for Charity- (At one couples wedding, they took in over $400 in 20 minutes)

Have your guests demonstrate a kiss-then the bride and groom will kiss

Roll the dice- if it lands on the bride and groom’s picture, then kiss

Have guests spin The Wedding Wheel- (use a wheel, like wheel of fortune, each wedge on the wheel has a different task)

Answer a multiple choice trivia question about the bride and groom

Have your table write a poem about the bride and groom or love

Fish Bowl of kisses- If guests pull a gold one, the bride and groom kiss, if they pull a silver one, then the guests kiss

These are just a few ideas that you could use instead of the traditional glass clinking, the sky is the limit, good luck!

Source by Ed Eaton