15 Celebrities Who Got Cheap Engagement Rings

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When we think of celebrity engagement rings, we generally think of the hugest, sparkliest rings available. But not all stars believe in going big or going home when it comes to their jewelry. Some of them, like Priscilla Chan and Jessica Simpson prefer non-traditional rubies instead of going for more costly diamonds. Many people wonder why Michelle Obama has never upgraded her modest ring, and that’s because it simply means too much for her. Mila Kunis may have a solitaire engagement ring from Tiffany’s, but her wedding band is a completely different story because she got to pick it out herself. Alyson Hannigan got a surprise proposal from her husband of ten years! For their anniversary he wanted to renew their vows, and gave his wife a beautiful yet simple engagement ring. What would you dream ring look like if money was no object? Tell us whether you’d splurge or save in the comment section, then click subscribe for the latest videos from TheTalko.

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