If there is one word that has completely taken over the ‘I Do’ world this year, it would be microwedding. At first, and we’ll be very honest, we were a little shaken by the seismic scale down – but nowadays, the microwedding is the wedding mood to end all other moods. It has allowed couples who’ve dreamt of eloping from a “but can you imagine how much pressure we can take off ourselves?” perspective to do just that, but also bring family and friends into the fairytale wedding fold. And what more can you ask for on what’s to be one of the greatest days in your life than a memorable and meaningful occasion that’s all at once safe and secure for the most special souls in your social circles? 

With a microwedding you certainly don’t have to go overboard with all of the ‘extras:’ the simplicity in the setting, the ceremony, and the post-vow vibes is sublime enough, but you also don’t have to dial back the degree of details because your wedding has the prefix ‘micro’ in front of it. If anything, since the size of your celebration is smaller, with fewer distractions, your details and personal touches will probably be even more seen and appreciated. Not that a photographer is any less devoted to couples who plan bigger wedding events, but when tasked to shoot a microwedding or a minimony, he or she has a lot fewer ‘must-snap’ scenes to steal away for. And those curated, deeply-inspired and thoughtfully-designed items of the day become the real focal points (second, only, to the love shared and the promises made). 

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