Handwritten thank you notes are one of the best ways to show your gratitude and appreciation to others. Thank you notes are commonly sent out to show appreciation for baby shower gifts, wedding gifts and birthdays but there are many other situations in which a handwritten thank you note would be a good idea to send out. Here is a list of 20 reasons to send out a handwritten thank you note:

  1. Baby shower gift
  2. Wedding gift or Wedding shower gift
  3. For sympathy flowers or letters
  4. To the hostess(s) of a wedding or baby shower
  5. After a job interview
  6. Gifts received during a hospital stay
  7. Gifts received via mail
  8. Gifts received after the birth of a new baby
  9. Housewarming gifts
  10. After being entertained by a friend
  11. After being entertained for a Holiday in a friend or relative’s home
  12. After being hosted as an overnight houseguest (unless it is a very close friend or family member)
  13. Graduation gift
  14. A favor from a friend or neighbor such as babysitting, house sitting, pet sitting etc.
  15. After being entertained by your boss
  16. Gifts received for an anniversary
  17. To the host or hostess of any party thrown in your honor (graduation, anniversary, new job, bon voyage etc.)
  18. Birthday gifts
  19. When offered an opportunity – Business or Personal
  20. Just Because! (why not?)

There are many different ways that you can word your thank you notes and there are a ton of useful websites and books out there to help you. Here is an example of a thank you note wording that will work in most any situation.

Dear (name),

Thank you so much for (the gift, opportunity, favor etc.). It was a/the (enter compliment such as perfect color or wonderful opportunity. Try and be as specific as possible). Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated.

Thank you again!

Now that you have a good idea of when you should send out thank you notes or thank you note cards, and a basic template for the wording, you can start spread your gratitude and appreciation to others for the wonderful things that they do for you!

Source by Melissa Gabler