A wedding ceremony is something that could be connected with fashion. Just as the ramp updates its yearly collection, so does wedding trends. You might be interested about what’s in and out of the wedding aisle and venue for 2009. The line-up of creations and recommendations might help you get an idea for the next in-thing in preparing for your wedding day.

There are different beliefs and practices when it comes to planning for a wedding ceremony. Lifestyle magazines, fashion designers and even wedding reception experts and planners have fused their ideas together to come up with something new for 2009.

Wedding favors the 2009 way

Gone were the days when you have to give wedding favors just to express gratitude for the presence of your intimate friends. On a more practical note, 2009’s personalized gifts have taken things a notch higher. Your giveaway already serves two purposes: one for your occasion to be remembered; and two for your guests to make use of your practical gifts.

A lot of ideas have already struck the minds of the bride and the groom when it comes to giving wedding favors. Traditional wedding bells and “couple” figurines no longer come to mind. The modern way of saying thank you to your visitors include delectable desserts with recipes in it or even plants in small pots.

2009 wedding reception

Some choose to have their wedding celebrated outdoors. Many will choose to have the wedding ceremony in a church and the reception somewhere else. Others may opt to have the wedding ceremony and reception held in one location. This is very helpful because the guests do not have to spend time when traveling from one place to another.

For 2009, an environmental concept is integrated in the celebration. Aside from incorporating biologically and ecologically-friendly materials in the fabrics worn by the bride and the groom, garden weddings are always regarded. One may choose to give plants as gifts to their guests.

The role of the internet in 2009 weddings

Social networking is already a part of everybody’s lives. Many of us spend hours surfing the internet for several purposes. And yes, you could do the same thing for planning your wedding day. Your web browsers could definitely contribute a lot when it comes to your wedding plans. From the proposal to consultation, seeking opinions from friends can be done through your computers. Besides this, you have a lot of online wedding shops which could give you a handful of help for wedding favors and other wedding-related materials.

More than coming up with creativity for bridal gowns and groom’s outfits, 2009 wedding trends covers a lot of other aspects. You could always base your choices for your wedding ceremony from the above list. Never fail to add a touch of your own ideas. After all, the day is still yours to celebrate.

Source by Regina Watson