There is so much to love about spring, summer, and of course, winter weddings, but we fall HARD for the ones that happen in the fall. There’s a basic and obvious attraction most couples have to sweater weather nuptials, which includes: the pumpkins (can’t do fall weddings without ‘em #sorrynotsorry), the mulled wine sangria cocktails, bridesmaids in terracotta couture, and take-home cider doughnuts and coffee for the commute home, but looking past those seasonal staples, the fall wedding season is an aesthetic and ‘in the air’ mood that just can’t be matched. We’re under no illusions that a thing such as “autumn magic” exists; so, if you’re getting married between September 22nd and December 21st, count on your guests being utterly spellbound. 

When it comes to captivating colors for fall weddings, you can certainly go with nature-inspired cues – varying degrees of green, Morello cherry-minted marsalas, toasted almond tones, and shades that stick, like cinnamon sticks – but we’re even more blown away by the fall-planned functions that don’t look like hand-dyed hues of the infinity scarves that will be hanging around our necks in a matter of weeks. Trendy cosmetic ‘colours’ like berry, caramel, ginger, and mauve bring great highlights to a moody wedding look, while blood orange, blush, gold, ochre, and ivory set the stage for that foundational finesse the SZN is known for.

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