You have been spending months in deciding the perfect wedding venue, choosing the right wedding outfit, preparing the guest list, selecting the best photographer and so on-everything because you want your wedding to be perfect and special. Along with you, there is a group of loyal people that have been striving equally hard to have everything in the perfect place for your wedding. They are your bridesmaids. Your bridesmaids have been on your journey with you, helping you plan the hen night, helping you to select your wedding dress, making travel arrangements, listening to you when you needed them to, drying your tears as well as handling other countless responsibilities. They have always stood by you and have chosen to stand by you on your wedding day as it is the most important day of your life.

Why not tell them how grateful you are and acknowledge the efforts they have taken in making your special day perfect by giving them a perfect bridesmaid gift? A bridesmaid gift need not be very expensive but it should be very meaningful and timeless. It should reflect the efforts and thoughts you have put in to selecting the gift as you appreciate what your bridesmaids have done for you. It totally depends on you as to whether you want the same gift for all your bridesmaids or a different gift for each one. Here are some of the ideas for bridesmaid and pageboy presents:

1) Jewelery: Choosing a necklace and an earring set that matches the bridesmaids wedding outfit is a great gift. Pearl necklaces and bracelets are one of the top favorite accessories for such occasions. You can go a step further by giving monogrammed jewelery. A necklace with the bridesmaid initials engraved on it is an excellent personalized wedding gift that will always be treasured.

2) Post-Wedding Spa treatment: A relaxing spa treatment for the bridesmaids makes a perfect gift. You can also pamper them by giving them a gift basket filled with a manicure / pedicure kit, massage oils, beauty soaps, lotions and other pampering items. You bridesmaids will definitely love this gift as it will help them unwind and relax after such a busy occasion.

3) Photo Frames or Scrapbook: Your bridesmaids and you will have many pictures taken on your special day. Getting some of them into frames and giving them to your bridesmaids is a wonderful gift. Choose a picture that presents the bond of friendship you share and also tells her why you chose her to be your bridesmaid for your big day. Another idea is a personalized scrapbook. Personalized scrapbooks with pictures right from the day your friendship began to the hen night and wedding day will make an unforgettable bridesmaid gift.

4) Hand bag or Clutch: A hang bag or a clutch that can carry make-up kits and other essentials is a great thank you present for bridesmaids. Knowing their taste, you can give them a bag or clutch of their favorite color and style.

5) Pampering Treatments: Your bridesmaids would absolutely love a gift that helps them look beautiful on the wedding day. You can offer to pay for them to have their hair styled and make up done. This would be very thoughtful and will make them feel pampered.

Any gift you choose to give would be incomplete if there is no personal note enclosed with it. Attaching a personal thank you message is a must. Any of the above suggestions would make ideal gifts for your bridesmaids as they all reflect the thought you will have put into it.

Source by Natalie W