Aside from the dress, the cake is probably the most admired element of the wedding. There’s a reason why it’s placed at the center of the reception hall, so everybody who enters can admire it. The perfect wedding cake should not only reflect the personalities of the bride and groom, but also blend into the theme of the wedding seamlessly.

Decide on a design for the cake much before the actual date of the wedding. As D-day draws nearer, you might find yourself tied down with a million things to do, and not have time to look into the details of the cake.

The first thing you’ll look into is the design of the cake. Gone are the days of a single three tiered cake as the only choice for a wedding. Nowadays, cakes come studded with crystals, have roses falling all over the sides, can resemble Christmas trees, and a myriad other possibilities.

Choose a design that stands out from the rest, and blends with your personality. An elegant couple will probably do well to choose an equally elegant and traditional white three tiered vanilla cake. A whimsical eclectic couple on the other hand, will have more room for innovation. A cupcake wedding confection that consists of a number of cupcakes of different flavors all arranged to make one large tiered cake is another off beat idea that allows guests to sample different flavors of cake at a single wedding.

Make sure you pay attention to the details; rest assured guests will want to spend time looking over the cake, and appreciating its finer details. Pale green or pink ribbons of frosting draped on a white cake can make it seem extra special, while cascades of red roses all over the cake spell glamour. Look around, before you make a choice. Your cake designer will show you a catalog of various styles, but you don’t have to be restricted to those. Scour the internet for one of a kind imaginative designs until you find one that appeals to you. If your favorite celebrity’s wedding cake had you swooning at the design, hunt for a picture of the cake (you’ll easily find it online), and show your designer exactly what you want your cake to look like.

Remember, a perfect wedding cake is one that people remember for long after your wedding is over, and they’ve left for home!

Source by Caroline Miller