Here is a tea party idea to make your wedding reception both tasteful and cheaper. Imagine an afternoon tea party, what are they like? When I am hosting a tea party I get out my three tier display server. On one plate I serve scones, on another plate I serve tea sandwiches and on the last tier I place cookies, treats and tea cakes.

How can you use this information to help you plan your wedding reception and not have mom and dad take a mortgage on their house.

I attended a wonderful wedding reception this weekend. The bride was beautiful, she wore an elegant cream colored gown. The bodice was beautifully embroidered and the skirt was a creamy satin that looked so soft you wanted to rub your hand over it. (I didn’t) On the back where the train of the gown was; again the beautiful embroidery pattern appeared. More than one person decided that Kelly should model wedding gowns for a living. I don’t know the cost of such a lovely gown, but she looked like a million dollars. Do you think it was several thousand dollars? It’s not uncommon today for brides to spend those kinds of dollars.

I started to look around the rest of the reception hall. I really just loved the tables. Here the bride and her mother used a tea party idea in an ingenious way. In the center of each table sat a three tiered afternoon tea party server. On the bottom plate was an array of colorful delicious cookies. On the top tier were more tea cookies and candies. The center tier held a plate of cupcakes. Each cupcake was decorated with flowers that complimented the wedding party colors.

What had they accomplished here? The cookies were beautifully displayed as well as being right where the guests were sitting. How nice is that? They weren’t off is some corner getting stale, all the guests were enjoying them. I think more brides should use that tea party idea.

They accomplished something else too. The cupcake flowers served as a flower centerpiece. This will add up to a savings in the hundreds of dollars. Let’s do the math. Picture 15 tables (I am not sure of the count) meaning 15 flower arrangements. If each arrangement was $75.00 the total cost would be over $1000.00.

The story doesn’t finish here. The cupcake flowers also served as the wedding cake. This tea party idea is really brilliant. Wedding cakes can cost anywhere from a $1.50 to as high as $10.00 a slice. They sit on display, are cut into and finally they are gone.

To all the future brides out there trying to have something tasteful yet reasonable, take a lesson from Kelly and her mom. Use the money you save for an extended honeymoon trip, or just to lower you debt.

My hats goes off to Kelly and Lynn for hosting a beautiful event. It was certainly my cup of tea.

Source by Connie Bednar