For most people, their wedding is one of the most memorable events in their life, and they don’t want anything to spoil it. They want everything to be perfect, from the ceremony to the decorations to the food to the music. This means that you need to take the time to carefully select your wedding DJ rather than just hiring the cheapest one you can find, otherwise you (and many of your guests) might leave the reception disappointed with the quality of the entertainment that was provided.

First of all, you want to meet with the people you are considering for your wedding DJ in order to find out more about the services that they offer, and to find out whether or not this person is someone that you would be happy to work with. Make sure that the person who comes to meet with you will be the person who will actually be at the event, since this isn’t always the case.

Make sure that the wedding DJ you choose has a wide variety of music since there is usually a large variety of different types of people and ages of people present at a reception, and you want to be sure that he or she will be able to play something for everyone. Check to see if the DJ has a play list you can check out. Sometimes the DJ will allow you to select songs that must be played (as well as those you would prefer not to play). You would be best to find a DJ that will come up with a plan with you so you know the types of music and activities that the DJ will provide, and the DJ knows what types of things you like and don’t like (for example, if you hate the macarena they can try to avoid playing it).

Any wedding DJ should also have professional equipment, rather than equipment meant for home use. They should also have a lot of experience playing at weddings, since not all DJs have this type of experience. Those familiar with weddings will be better able to help out with the announcements and make sure the reception flows smoothly. Many can act as a master of ceremonies, freeing up others involved in the wedding for other tasks.

Keep in mind that although price must be considered, you are more likely to get a better DJ if you spend a bit more money. Don’t be a cheapskate and end up with a DJ that can’t keep your guests entertained.

Source by John F Black