Let me introduce you to POEMS. That’s right. Poems.

Why do I think poems are perfect for shy people

You don’t need to improvise. You don’t need to struggle reading long letters. Plus, almost EVERYONE loves great poems. It is like songs…a wonderful melody for the ear. Maybe the bride and the groom love poems too! That’s another reason for you to write a poem.

It doesn’t matter if the poem has or hasn’t rhyme. The point is, it is very short text with a huge value. Especially on a wedding day. People who love each other write poems to express their gratitude and affection. Why not you do the same on the wedding day?

I read from lots of people that poems WORK. ALL THE GUESTS RESPOND IN A GOOD MANNER. This could be for several reason including that it is bit of UNEXPECTED…everyone expects a speech that will last 3-7 minutes.

Please, don’t feel like you’re in school while reading and reciting your poem. This is more fun than school. I know that those boring school days can awake bad feelings within yourself. Don’t allow that. A quick cure for this is to get some poems from great writers and read them. That way you’ll associate good feelings with their songs.

On my Best man wedding speech page I’ve shared even more tips you can implement (you don’t have to be a best man, by the way) to a wedding speech.

So, shy people, here’s your solutions! Now you have NO EXCUSE going out there and showing your gratitude to the guests.

Source by Darren Welder