In today’s saturated landscape for exquisite wedding vendors, even with all of the digital marketing teaching content available at your fingertips, the question still begs: how will you stand out and grab the attention of your ideal wedding client? On the publication side, we took a hard look at our offerings prior to 2018/2019. Were our offerings helpful? Were they relevant in today’s client hiring landscape? Were they valuable to you? The number one thing we heard in interviews we conducted with past LBB vendors was “we want more social media exposure”… and you know what? That number one desire for a vendor/publication membership program aligned perfectly with what our couples said. “We discover the majority of our vendors via social media”. DING!

Adding social exposure, on a highly engaged platform relevant to your ideal client, to your advertising strategy is great, yes we know this. But what could we do to continue to pivot with our audience and the desires of our couples? What we’ve decided to do is amplify each and every LBB vendor Instagram post. This means putting advertising money on your Instagram posts to reach the wider network of followers, both the 1.1+ million following SMP and the lookalike audiences that targeting allows us access to, at no additional cost out of your pocket.

Amplified Instagram posts are available to our LBB vendors via the LBB plans and also as an a la carte option. SMP now amplifies ALL vendor Instagram posts to drive more actionable results to our vendors. Here are some quick facts surrounding these amplified posts:

INTEREST – Did you know that over 50% of our SMP couples hire vendors they discovered on social media?! Sounds pretty compelling to us…

TARGETING – Using objective and audience targeting can generate specific results based on the goals YOU set! Don’t worry, we’ll help you!

ANALYTICS – We’ll deliver precise analytics for you to review with analysis and future campaign recommendations on our request. It is our goal to deliver the most ROI for you.



This vendor’s objective was to generate additional awareness (reach) amongst SMP couples as part of the Valentine’s Day promotion.

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