I come to you late, tired, and happy. The team spent a super busy week focusing on launching Summer Session for our brand new Practical Business School. The launch went phenomenally well, and I’m so excited to get to spend the next two plus months coaching a big group of women on business strategy, the ways the world teaches us to hold ourselves back, and helping us have a collective breakthrough.

This launch was a win I badly needed mid-2020. And I was reminded of the fact that as we live through this collective nightmare, we all need to find ways that we can get a win… no matter how big or small. We need to be reminded that even as the word feels like it’s falling apart, we’re still good at the same things we were good at back in February.

Meanwhile, like every parent in America, we’re trying to figure out WHAT we’re doing for school this year, and considering options that had never even occurred to us a year ago. (What I wouldn’t give for a tiny one room schoolhouse.)

With that, it’s your open thread. Share your wins, your headaches, and your sorrows (or the really shallow stuff, we’re here for that too).


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