Hey APW!

I know, you’re thinking “But I thought it was Thursday! Is it Friday?” And the answer is… as far as I know, it’s Thursday (though these days time is a flat circle so really who knows.)

At the APW offices, this week has been all the 2020 things. It’s been busy with new projects (I’m working on what’s quickly becoming a mini-book for Practical Business School’s new Summer Session), busy with community (All of our Patreon calls for the $20/month community level are amazing, but this weeks was somehow EXTRA amazing. They’re quickly becoming a true highlight of my month.), and busy with crisis planning (WTF AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY CHILDREN AND SCHOOLING OMFG).

So when I looked at the weekly calendar, I decided to lean into the new practice I’m trying to normalize for 2020: doing less. Or specifically: doing what I can and letting myself off the hook for the rest. (Anyone else engaging in this practice? If not, I highly encourage it.)

Today is also Tisha B’av, which is a day of memorializing tragedies in Judaism—first among them, the destruction of the second temple. It’s generally regarded as the saddest day of the Jewish year (in a calendar peppered with really sad days). As a reform Jew, it’s never a holiday I’ve had a deep relationship with. But in this year of tragedy and anti-Semitism, a lot of us are leaning into it (you can read a 2018 article on this very subject right here). So while I’m not fasting, I am spending some time in reflection.

And with that, it’s your open thread! Feel free to share your joys and sorrows, in this most difficult year.


(Photo is of me on Erev Tisha B’av last year, which happened to be when we had our big Jewish anniversary party… this was a year ago on the Jewish calendar, not our calendar.)

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