Hey APW,

The most I can say about this week is that it’s been a 2020 week. Like… a good week for 2020, but still a 2020 week. I started the week with Yom Kippur, which is 25 hours of fasting and praying. That type of fasting always takes a few days to recover from, but in the Jewish world Sukkot starts tonight… so the week is spent in a mix of recovery and a whirlwind of building your own nomadic hut in the backyard. Sukkot is probably Judaism’s least western holiday, but arguably one of our most fun. For the next week we’ll eat every meal that we can in our festively decorated backyard tent/ hut situation (sukkah). In theory we’ll invite a bunch of friends over, but in practice we’ll invite a few friends over (plus the spirits of our ancestors, who thankfully cannot get COVID.)

In the middle of all that, I’ve tried to really pick up my Peloton habit (I use the $12.99/month app, and the non-bike cardio machine I already own and love). So I’ve been running on a mix of endorphins and exhaustion.

In the meantime, Practical Business School wrapped our Summer Session, and are in a quick break before we launch our next programing. It’s been amazing and created such growth in me (and everyone else) that I’m so grateful I had a chance to do it this year.

With that, it’s your #2020 open thread. Have at.



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