Hey APW,

It’s been a while since I’ve hopped into a happy hour. Nice to be here! In the midst of another super busy week, I was delighted to get a surprise call from one of my girlfriends inviting me on a last-minute trip to NYC. And being that I’m almost 30 and still haven’t checked New York off of my list of places to see, I’m so happy I was able to say yes, OF COURSE I’LL BE THERE and I cannot wait.

So what’s a gal to do with 72 hours in NYC and two of her closest girlfriends? I need recommendations! My main interests for this trip (and TBH my everyday interests) are exceptional food, especially carbs (pizza, bagels, you name it), museums (MoMa is on my list), and places where the locals like to go (think your corner dive bar, great coffee shops, etc.). We’re staying with a friend for a couple of nights and then splurging on a nice hotel for our last night and we have no idea how to narrow that search down. Seriously, how do all hotels in New York manage to look fancy AF on the internet? I obviously need some help so please leave your recommendations in the comments <3

Also in Inspiration

When it comes to simple wedding dresses, the old mantra holds: less is more. And while everyone knows that the APW team loves all things…

Other than that, I’ll be hitting the coast this holiday weekend, camping on the beach in Santa Cruz (like the pic of me up there living my best life) so I’ll catch y’all on the flip side!



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