Well. Here we are. I don’t really know what else to say at this point in this week. I think most of you know that my sister is an ER doctor. But what I haven’t talked about is that her hospital is right outside Detroit, which is emerging as a hot spot. Her ER is out of PPE, and at this point we get a one sentence text out of her a day if we’re lucky. She’s promised to tell us if she gets sick, and that’s all we’ve got. We’re packing up the limited supplies we have on hand to mail to her this weekend.

Beyond that, on a brighter note, I continue to be so grateful that APW still has the lights on. We’re hoping to benefit from the small business bailouts in the relief bill, which should get us some runway to pivot to things that will keep paying the bills (which we’re already hard at work on).

In the meantime, so many folks have signed up to support us on Patreon, and we are grateful. Like, in tears some of the time grateful. If you haven’t signed up to be a Patron, we’d be so damn glad if you did. We’ve already created a bunch of phone wallpapers that are what we need right now for Patrons (see above for a version of one of those.) We’re going to continue to add benefits (Patreon lets us design and sell merch), and folks who are signed up will be the first to know when that happens. I’m hoping that Patreon will let us pay health care for our team, which is the most vital thing for us right now. So if APW has supported you in some way over the years, and you have $3 or $5 or $20 to throw our way each month, we’d be so grateful.

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With that, it’s been a shitty hard week, in a string of shitty hard weeks, and it’s clear things will get worse before they get better. So please use the comment section to let all of your feelings out… from the big things to the small things. It’s all hard right now, and this is one space where you can just let that be ok.

With hopes and prayers that all of you and your loved ones are well.


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