We’re almost through the first week of social distancing! This is certainly unprecedented, and honestly, we don’t know how long it’s going to last. But over at SMP living, we’re so glad to get to connect with all over you over the web!

This week’s ask the editor, we’re addressing the questions we’ve seen floating around along with some other tips and tricks we’ve seen floating around the internet!

In SO many ways, this is bringing out some good in humanity, and we’re ever so thankful for it.

1.  “What are some good things to do with my kiddo while we social distance?”

We’ve got a few tricks up our selves here! First, check out this article on “10 DIYs That Will Keep Your Kids Entertained” it’s sure to keep the kids entertained for a long time.

This is also a good time to teach your kids those pesky little things called “soft-skills.” Math has changed, they’re studying new things in English these days and keeping up in science class was hard enough as a student much less now.

Teachers are heroes and every day we grow increasingly grateful for them, so instead of trying to replace them and the missed learning canceled school brings— why not tackle this time to teach your kids things like how to address an envelope, proper phone etiquette, how you’re supposed to set the table, good tidying habits that not only help them but give you some sanity. Why not teach your kids some cooking lessons! Dinner’s on them eh?

When you’re kids look back on this time, they won’t remember that you somehow managed to breeze your way through algebra or that you have unprecedented knowledge of the animal kingdom, but teaching them your family and time-honored homemade cookie recipe is something that they’ll take with them forever. A little structure goes a long way, but not at the detriment of your sanity. You’ve got this! We believe in you.

3. Economic Stimulation

We talked about it in this article, but these are tricky times for businesses everywhere. Shutting down doors never means good things, but the more we can do to help the better! Even big businesses like Nordstroms and Madwell are shutting down physical locations, but still working to stimulate activity with online sales.

Do what you can here. Every dollar is not wasted because every dollar you spend is going to SOMEONE. Whether that’s a big company that employees thousands of people, or a small company with one person’s livelihood at stake, anything you can spend on the economy is good for the economy.

We asked small businesses what to do to help them, and here are a few of the responses:

– In your downtime, write business or product reviews! We all know how valuable those little stars are, so give some out to places that deserve it

– Giftcards! Cash is king in this situation, so anything you can do to help move that cash along helps.

– Order takeout from local places. Companies like Favor are delivering takeout without charge to help keep these guys afloat, and that’s invaluable.

3. “If the stores are out of all that I need, what do I do?”

This is so hard to deal with right now, but first things first — don’t panic. So many people are working hard and in double time to meet the needs of the people. Panic is what’s leading to these outages in the first place, but trust the process. Target alone is investing $300 Million in overtime employees and extra compensation to make sure the aisles fill up again.

You can also look online for some of this assistance. Amazon has most all of your basic essentials like toilet paper, hand soap and diapers, and don’t forget curbside and delivery systems for your grocery stores!

Hang in there, we’ll all get through this.

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