Beach weddings are gaining popularity, with it more and more brides to be are having trouble finding the right bridal wear for their big day at the beach. The traditional wedding dresses just won’t do in this more natural setting. Finding a dress that works can present some challenges for the bride to be.

You will probably give up your idea of being a Disney princess in a perfect Cinderella dress. You just can’t wear those at the beach. You won’t certainly look good at the end of the ceremony. The sea breeze and the beach environment just aren’t hospitable for such a formal gown.

Simple designs are the way to go when doing a beach wedding. You can’t very well wear a long flowing white wedding dress across the sand, it would ruin the dress and with it your perfect beach wedding experience. Great beach wedding attires are casual, relaxed, sexy, cool and beautiful it should also still have an inherent elegance to it. A white satin strapless dress is one such example. Other materials for great dresses are chiffon, crepe, georgette, organza, cotton and charmeuse. You should avoid wearing silk since silk isn’t a breathable fabric.

The bridal entourage too should be dressed in similar attires. The bridesmaids could be given dresses of similar make and cut. The colors could be of the lighter hues such as white, cream or light pink. These colors are more appropriate for such a venue. Another idea is to have them wear short identical prom dresses. You can also have them fitted for dresses made especially for the occasion. This saves time in searching for that perfect design.

The sea breeze should really be taken into consideration. This should dictate the cut of the dress. Longer dresses tend to wave around in the wind and this could present some issues, so the best cut should be short. Slip dresses employing a straight-line design behaves better than fuller skirts. If you do decide to have a flowing dress, have it long. A simple strapless flared skirt is a possibility. To break the color up, you can add a little something blue for luck. This additional color won’t clash with the overall color theme since it matches the ocean.

A veil maybe a nice addition to the dress but it really isn’t that practical. The veil will tend to flap around in the wind. You may even lose it to the wind completely, might as well leave the veils for the ones doing traditional weddings.

You may want to wear a wide brimmed hat to complete the beach look. You may also try and add a flower to your hair. Make sure though that these are secured by pins. You don’t want them flying off during the “I do.”s.

You shouldn’t wear constricting high heels. You should wear sandals or go barefoot instead. Remember, the overall theme of a beach wedding is being free of the traditional. You should be casual and comfortable, instead of stiff and reserved.

Source by Kelly Hann