As a new wedding planner you can learn how to be successful by studying the habits of self-made, multimillionaires. I’ve always been fascinated by stories of how people become rich and successful and found that many of them share similar traits.

Here are 7 traits millionaires share along with tips on how to adopt them to have a successful wedding planning business:

1) They set goals – Millionaires know what they want to achieve and have a burning desire to be successful.

Take the time to set and write down the goals you have for your wedding planning business. Make them detailed and include why you want to achieve them. It’s easier to reach goals when you have a reason for attaining them and a passion for what you are doing.

2) They take action on their goals – Millionaires know that nothing happens until they make plans and take action.

Goals are often forgotten right after they are written. You need to keep them in front of you, create a plan and break down the plan into action items that can be achieved monthly, weekly and daily. Block out time on your schedule for networking, blogging, meeting new vendors to add to your team, attending wedding planner association meetings, talking to potential clients and learning more about wedding planning and running a business.

3) They go with their strengths – Millionaires only do what they do best and don’t waste time with their weaknesses.

Don’t spend time and energy trying to strengthen your weaknesses, instead make the most of your strengths. Hire people who can do things that you don’t do well. For example, if you are good at working with clients and negotiating with vendors but not good at doing administrative work, hire someone to help you do it. You are then free to spend more time with more clients.

4) They believe in their vision – Many millionaires grew up poor or barely making minimum wage but they had visions of better lives and they believed they could realize their dreams.

Unless you believe your dream of becoming a top wedding planner is possible and have a passion for this work, you won’t be motivated to move forward in good times and bad.

5) They think outside-the-box – Millionaires don’t just follow the pack, they succeed by doing things a little differently than other people.

New wedding planners often try to get clients who can afford high-end, elaborate weddings because they think these will bring in the most money. But there are many niches you should explore. For example, planning less elaborate, mid-priced weddings may be lucrative for you. You’ll get less money per wedding but there are more brides who have this type of budget. You could get more clients and bring in as much money at the end of the year as you would planning a few high-end weddings.

6) They never stop learning – Millionaires continually study and acquire new knowledge to stay successful.

Learn as much as you can about all the details that go into a wedding. Take classes in subjects such as floral design, cake decorating and photography so you have more knowledge and skills to offer to your brides. Study business and marketing and continue to find new ways to run a healthy, successful business.

7) They are willing to do things that other people won’t – Millionaires do what it takes to succeed.

In order to succeed there may be times when you have to work long hours, take big risks, and do something that, at first makes you uncomfortable, but helps you come out ahead in the end. For example, maybe you aren’t comfortable in a room full of strangers but you know that you need to network to meet vendors and potential clients, so you go out anyway. You will then be ahead of the wedding planners who sit at home hoping for the phone to ring.

Source by Sharon Hill