Do wealthy, top wedding planners have habits that have helped them get and stay rich?


I’ve listed 7 of them here so you can learn to be like them;

1) Spend less time on the Internet

It’s fine to answer your email, make a few posts on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to market your business and connect with a few friends. But refrain from getting so addicted that you spend hours in front of your computer screen, tablet or smartphone reading gossip and trying to connect with people you aren’t your real friends.

Get out of your home and office and join business and social groups, volunteer and/or take classes in something you’ve always wanted to learn. Do these things not only to attract business, but also for your own personal development.

2) Read everyday

Reading bridal magazines and wedding websites are part of your business but it’s also important to read books on a variety of other topics. For example, biographies of successful people and business books will help motivate you. Books on art, architecture and design will inspire your creativity and help you with event design.

3) Live within your means

As a wedding planner, it’s easy to spend money on trendy designer items to look fashionable. And, when you start a new business, it’s easy to invest a lot of money in technology, advertising and marketing that you think will make you look like a seasoned professional.

While it’s important to look good, have professional tools and invest in promoting your business, don’t get into deep debt doing it.

The most important thing you need to impress a bride is your knowledge, experience, self-confidence and ability to make her feel like the most important bride in the world.

4) Set goals

Whether you want to start your wedding planning business or grow the one you have, write down your goals. Then create a plan to make those goals happen.

5) Avoid procrastination

Don’t sit around waiting for the “right time” to pursue what you want or say you’ll work on your goals “someday.” Start today by writing a “to-do” list and scheduling the tasks that lead you to accomplishing your goals.

6) Do more than expected

There is a saying in business, “under promise and over deliver.” You want your brides to see you as the planner who does what it takes to make their wedding successful. This makes your clients happy, and happy clients give excellent referrals.

7) Believe in yourself

You might not be a successful wealthy, wedding planner today but you must believe you can be and see yourself as being that person in the future or it will never happen.

Source by Sharon Hill