You want to get your bridesmaids a special gift to thank them for being in your wedding. Most of the time, this is not too difficult; as long as you pick something pretty and personal, you know that your friends will love it. Unless that bridesmaid happens to be a tomboy, in which case you will have to really get creative to find her a gift that is appropriate and suits her personality.

Tomboys usually do not share the same interests as the more girly-girls. Where one of your bridesmaids might be thrilled to receive a monogrammed cosmetic bag, the tomboy does not even wear makeup. Your feminine bridesmaids will love fancy custom bridesmaid jewelry, but the tomboy doesn’t even have pierced ears. What is a bride to do?

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is more important to give your bridesmaids gifts that they will truly enjoy than it is to give them all the same exact item. You want to be fair in terms of the cost of each gift, but it is perfectly fine to give something different to each of your bridesmaids. When you have friends with contrasting tastes or styles, this may be the only way to go.

For a bridesmaid who is more of a tomboy, you can begin by thinking about her hobbies and interests when searching for the perfect gift. First of all, is she a self-declared tomboy? This will actually make it easier on you, because you don’t run the risk of offending her if you give feminine gifts to your other bridesmaids and some less girly to her.

If your bridesmaid loves sports, this will give you many great possibilities for a bridesmaid gift. You can give her tickets to see a sporting event. Or you can opt for a something like a personalized NFL mug, which is often available where they sell gifts for groomsmen. (But do not give your tomboy friend the same thing that the groom is planning to give his friends; that could really hurt her feelings.)

If you are going to give some of your other bridesmaids personalized gifts, you can do the same for your tomboyish bridesmaid. For instance, perhaps you know that your maid of honor would love a silver pendant engraved with her monogram. You could also give a personalized gift to your other bridesmaid, such as a set of golf balls with her name on them. If she loves tennis, how about a customized racquet cover? Once you get thinking about your bridesmaid’s interests, you will be able to come up with all sorts of creative ideas.

Perhaps she is not into sports, but loves to go out to dinner. Great! A nice bridesmaid gift idea would be a gift card to her favorite restaurant. This type of gift can feel a bit impersonal though, so make sure that you know it is something that your friend would really be pleased to receive. To make a gift like this more special, you could be sure to go to dinner with her after you return from the honeymoon. There is no present more meaningful than the gift of time spent together with friends.

Having a bridesmaid with different interests than the rest of your wedding party can make it tougher to find the perfect gift, but undoubtedly it is her unique personality that makes her a fun friend to have. After all, if all of your bridesmaids were exactly the same in every way, you would only need to have one of them as a friend. It is the individual qualities of each person that make them worth knowing.

Source by Laura Firenze