On your wedding day, you would surely love to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere around the table for your guests. When it comes to choosing center-pieces for your reception table, you need to consider the layout and design of your table carefully as the right choice will help make your table attract eyeballs and become the talk of the town!

You can select from a wide variety of center-pieces for your reception table. While some may prefer to stick to the time-tested candles, flowers, and vases, some others may prefer experimenting with novel ideas and themes to bring a unique aspect to their reception tables. If you belong to the league of the latter, you should remember that you can let your imagination run wild to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that accentuate your reception table and make a big difference to the D-Day.

If you wish to use flowers, glass vases, or candles, albeit with a twist, you can think about innovative designs and arrangements to make your reception table stand out in the crowd. Purchasing candles in different colors to suit your wedding theme, using a craft glue pen to draw designs on them, or decorating them with ribbons and other craft materials can let you use candles innovatively to spice up your reception table décor.

Glass vases can be filled with colored seasonal baubles or dyed water to get elegant results. For flower arrangements in innovative styles, you can ask your florist to help.

If exclusive designs and arrangements are your choice, you can think about customized center-pieces in varying heights. For example, you can use decorative and color coordinated pots as your base, and put poles of varying heights in them to create a tiered effect. You can use satin ribbons, sparkling beads, crystals, and rhinestones to cover the poles and give them some sheen. You can place spherical balls atop the poles, which are decorated to match your wedding theme. Unlike flowers that can fall or wilt half way through your reception, these spherical balls will hold their place and make the entire arrangement a true eye-catcher, which draws attention to the reception table.

So, if you have been toying with the idea of giving a twist to ordinary wedding décor, use these decoration and design ideas for your reception center-pieces to create an effect that stays in your guests’ minds for years to come.

Source by Sonali Bose Sengupta