Often, the wedding reception is the most expensive part of the entire day. It’s easy to see why it would be…that is where the food, beverages, music, and entertainment are involved. However, cheap wedding receptions are incredibly possible if you know how to manage your money and effectively cut your costs. You can throw it all together yourself, and save yourself lots of money in the process. Read on for a few ways of create a beautiful wedding reception without forking over lots of cash.

  • Hold your Reception at the Wedding Ceremony Location – Often, people wish to get married in a church and then move to another location for the reception. This is not only costly, but you are liable to lose some of your guests in the process. It’s much easier (and less expensive) to keep everything at one venue. This eliminates paying an extra location rental fees, and is easy to get to once your ceremony is over. If possible, have your special day in a free location, such as a residence or park.
  • Have a Potluck Dinner – This is an unique approach at saving money, but is one that is sure to work. Simply request that each guest bring their favorite dish. There is no telling what kind of spread you will end up with (actually, that’s part of the fun). You may tell your attendees to do this in lieu of getting your and your spouse a wedding gift.
  • Create CD’s for the Entertainment – There is really no need to hire a band or DJ for your wedding reception. All you need to do is compile some good dance music onto a few CD’s, get someone to man the stereo, and you will have your guests entertained for a couple of hours.

Cheap wedding receptions are actually fairly simple to plan. Just try doing as much as you can on your own, or by employing the help of your married friends and family. Saving money on your reception will allow you to have a nicer ceremony and honeymoon.

Source by Katie Harris