Cher can rightfully claim the title of goddess when it comes to pop/rock music. The legendary songstress has powered through an amazing career that has passed through six decades. The music of Cher is a good starting point for those who are choosing wedding songs.  Enjoy our list of Cher love songs to add to your wedding playlist.

About Cher

Cher was born in 1946. By 1965 she had gained fame as part of a duo with Sonny Bono. The two married and sold over 40 million records. Much of Sonny & Cher’s success was due to “I Got You Babe” which became Cher’s first number one hit.

It seemed destined that Cher would launch her own career, and she did just that in 1966. She became sought after as a solo act. Soon the marriage to Sonny Bono was over and Cher headed to Las Vegas for the first of many residencies.

Cher continues to wow audiences with her live shows, and she has also won an Academy Award for Best Actress in the film Moonstruck.

Cher love songs

Cher Wedding Songs

Cher has produced a large catalog of potential wedding songs throughout her lengthy career. Couples can find Cher music that suits all tastes. Cher has recorded pop ballads, rock love songs, and emotional classics that have the ability to make any wedding day memorable.

I Got You Babe
1965, Look at Us – Sonny & Cher

No list of Cher wedding songs would be complete without this rock classic. Many couples have managed to create a special wedding moment by singing this song together at their reception.

A Different Kind of Love Song
2002, Living Proof

Just leave it to Cher to record a classic like this one, a nice ballad that can be used for many parts of a wedding ceremony. The song is often used by couples who want to choose music that reflects an independent spirit, and it has a strong lyrical message about the different meanings of love.

Music’s No Good Without You
2001, Living Proof

A spouse is someone that makes us feel complete, and we sometimes should be reminded of what life would be like without that special someone in our world. This is a Cher ballad that is best saved for dancing at the wedding reception.

The Way of Love
1972, Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves

Cher has a powerful voice and an emotional delivery, two qualities that are on display in this pop hit. There are a few songs from Cher’s career that can be used for the formal parts of a wedding ceremony, and this is one of them.

Love and Understanding
1991, Love Hurts

You can use this Cher wedding song to create a specific mood on your special day. This song is about the sacrifices we all must make when it comes to loving someone for the rest of our lives, and your partner will appreciate having the song played as a special dedication.

Am I Blue?
1973, Bittersweet White Light

Cher covered this 1929 jazz classic in 1973, and her version bears the soulful and sultry vocal licks that Cher is known for. It’s an upbeat song that should be added to the wedding reception playlist, and it appeals to wedding guests of all ages.

1998, Believe

Cher has built a Las Vegas residency on the strength of this one pop power dance hit, a song that remains a highlight of her live shows. This is the perfect song for introducing the newlyweds for the first time to their wedding reception guests.

I Found Someone
1987, Cher

This was the song that helped launch Cher’s career anew during the MTV era, and it soared to the top of the charts. The song is a powerful celebration of finding the right person to spend one’s life with, and it can be used as a first dance for newlyweds.

Not Enough Love In The World
1995, It’s a Man’s World

Some Cher songs have very sentimental lyrics that are bolstered by her emotional delivery, and this one in that category often finds its way into modern weddings. It’s a nice reminder that weddings and true love are a genuine cause for celebration.

Just Like Jesse James
1988, Heart of Stone

Cher has a reputation for being a little on the sassy side, and this song puts that side of her personality on full display. It is a good wedding song choice for lighter moments like the cutting of the wedding cake or the tossing of the garter.

Don’t Hide Your Love
1972, Foxy Lady

Weddings are an occasion to embrace love and share the special feelings of two people with the entire world. Many couples have used this song as the soundtrack for a wedding video or photo collage that can be shared with those who attended after the wedding is over.

If I Could Turn Back Time
1989, Heart of Stone

This song by Cher still gets a lot of airplay on radio stations today, and it also is chosen for the wedding reception playlist of many modern couples. You could also add it to the songs that are played as the wedding guests are arriving.

Fire & Rain
1971, Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves

When two unique personalities merge into one soul and spirit a wedding is usually the result, and this Cher song celebrates that theme of unity and oneness between partners. Have it played during the wedding reception after a short speech dedicating it to your significant other.

Love Can Build a Bridge
1994 Single – Cher, Chrissie Hynde & Neneh Cherry with Eric Clapton

Cher got a little bit of help on this hit from Chrissie Hynde and Neneh Cherry, and the trio’s cover of The Judds‘ classic is a nice ballad of togetherness. It is a wonderful song to help all of your guests appreciate the true meaning of unconditional love that can be shared with every man and woman.

Love So High
2001, Living Proof

This song expresses the height of emotion that will overcome you on the day of your wedding, and it has been used by many couples as a part of the formal wedding processional. Another way to use the song is as part of a send-off at the close of the wedding day because the lyrics sum up what everyone has felt on such a blessed occasion.

If you have a Cher song that should be on our list for weddings, be sure to comment on it below so that we can add it.

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