Celebrate the spirit of aloha into your wedding anywhere you choose with a Hawaiian wedding theme. What usually comes into mind when you hear of a Hawaiian wedding is an outdoor setting, with the view of the ocean in tropical weather. However, you can turn even a church hall into a Hawaiian tropical getaway even during winter with these unique ideas.

Encourage your guests to wear Hawaiian attire. If it is winter, make sure that there is enough heat to keep your guests warm and comfortable. Incorporate Hawaiian words and phrases when sending out invitations sealed in bright, tropical-colored envelopes.

Welcome your guests with leis made from fresh flowers, nuts, shells, etc. In Hawaii, leis represent love, celebration and respect. Any celebration, that which includes your Hawaiian theme wedding will not be complete without leis.

A unique Hawaiian wedding theme idea that you can try is the blowing of the ‘Pu’ during the opening ceremony. The Pu is also known as the conch shell, which is traditionally blown at the beginning of the ceremony to ask the gods for blessing and to symbolize a long and lasting relationship.

You can also exchange your vows with ‘aloha’, which is said to have a deep, spiritual meaning. Aloha is taken from two words namely ‘alo’, which means ‘to share’ and ‘ha’, which means ‘breath of life’. Symbolize your unity with the honi, which is a traditional Hawaiian kiss that is done by the couple rubbing the sides of their noses together at the same time breathing their ‘ha’.

Also, during the ceremony, consider incorporating these Hawaiian wedding practices such lei exchanges with the couple and immediate family members; carrying of the rings on a seashell and marking the processional with tiki torches.

The bride can choose to wear the kappa, which are multi-layered garments worn in ancient times or the holoku, which is a loosely-fitted wedding dress with a short train worn in modern Hawaiian weddings. Don’t forget to skip on the flower lei made from orchids, white jasmine or any other tropical flower available. A flower lei worn over the head is a great alternative to a veil. On the other hand, the groom can wear white shirts and pants and a lei.

When planning your decorations, consider using red, which is Hawaii’s state color. You can also try any color of a tropical flower for an island twist. Arrange rattan furniture, orchids and several other tropical flowers and potted palm trees can create a beautiful tropical ambience as well.

So bring out the sights, scents and sounds of Hawaii with these great ideas for a wedding experience truly worth remembering.

Source by Kelly Rhodes