Pocket wedding invitations are a great option for couples who plan on having unique and stylish wedding at a limited budget. Wedding preparations require a lot of consideration and sometimes you need to cut down on some costs to accommodate the other preparations. This is where cheap pocket invitations come into the picture.

The pocket fold wedding invitations can be of many types ranging from bi fold, tri fold or single pocket. In case of tri fold wedding invitations, the main invitation containing the essential information is placed at the center and the rest of the cards such as the direction cards, RSVP and many more are placed on the side panels or pockets.

eBay is a wonderful option for couples if they are looking for great discounts or bargains. Here you may come across many users or companies selling of their older stock. Some of these invitations may also come with unique designs, patterns or background that might be matching with your wedding theme. If in doubt, you can even take the assistance of online resources or websites to create wonderful and unique invitations.

Once the pocket wedding invites are ready, you might want to add the text. The wordings or text for the wedding can be in the form of graphics, simple texts inviting the guests to the wedding, monograms and many more. In case of traditional weddings you can make use of traditional inks that will look good with the invitations.

Cheap pocket wedding invitations can also be purchased in the form of DIY kits that are easily available in many of the stationery stores. Many of these kits come with themed invitations that will match the style of your wedding. In addition to this, you might even come across envelopes, supplies and an instruction guide that assists you in making marvelous wedding.

Talking about the accessories, ribbons and laces are the most appropriate choice for couple since you can choose from different types of materials such as satin, silk and velvet. The ribbons can be purchased in different colors and you can even add tiny beads or embroidery on the borders of the ribbons. In addition to this you can even personalize your pocket fold wedding invitations with a photo of yourself and your spouse making them even more special in the eyes of the guests.

Coming to the envelopes, you can either go in for themed envelopes or colorful ones. If the background of your pocket wedding is light, then you can purchase envelopes with darker shades and vice versa. In order to bring out the happiness of the event, you can even add some dry flowers, hay or confetti into the envelopes.

These cheap pocket wedding invitations are a wonderful idea to come up with beautiful and innovative ideas. You can even take the help of your friends or relatives who know where to get the best bargains or discounts for the invitations and can help in planning your invitations and making it appealing to the guests.

Source by Kirsten Riley