I get this a lot. Many of my clients come in my studio with their mind decided on what they want for their wedding invitations. They come and tell me: “we want a couple on bridge wedding invitation style”. At first I thought to try and make something else, but once I started preparing a draft I saw the beauty they saw.

I have made many wedding invitations with the couple on a bridge. I like to make each one different and with their own style but I have a few wedding invitations ideas in my head when I start. One of them is a wedding couple dressed in old fashioned classical 19th century clothing; the bride with a small white umbrella to block the sun and the groom with a top hat and cane.

Animal Love

Another style I like to use is kind of like the all time swan heart. When two swans kiss and make a heart figure between them. I drew a sketch once for a couple on bridge wedding invitations that featured the groom and bride kissing and hugging with two swans in the pond beneath the bridge kissing. They both made a heart figure and it was very beautiful.

Other couples have come to me and said that they don’t want a figure on their wedding invitations but something that said about them meeting on a bridge. We spent quite a time thinking on the right words for their wedding invitations wording and came up with something this:

  • “As the wood creaked beneath our feet ours hearts could not control their beat, we knew a time would come when we would become one.”

The final words they included in their wedding invitations weren’t those exact and I can’t tell because of confidentiality issues but I hope you can work around that to make your perfect wedding invitations.

Source by Rebecca Foster