Like every other holiday that has happened in 2020, Halloween is going to look a little bit different this year — and that’s ok! Safety is first and in many cases that means thinking outside of your normal, traditional box.

The good news is that this outside thinking can lead to new traditions that may even be more fun than you could have ever predicted, so all you have to do is approach the holiday with gratitude and creativity to have a good time!

The Halloween holiday is all about dressing up, getting a little spooky, and munching on as much candy as you can get your hands on! So with that in mind, here are a couple of alternative ways to celebrate the holiday this year.

1. Check on what your local city is doing

Chances are your city is making an effort to do something festive and safe. Whether that’s a virtual pumpkin contest or streaming a socially distanced drive-in movie, do some research to see what your city is putting on! When people go to that much effort to assist in special holiday circumstances, it’s always a kind gesture of goodwill to support them.

2. Candy Scavenger Hunt Walk

While going door-to-door to collect candy may not be a viably safe option this year, you’ll still want to get out and about in your costume. Setting up a small scavenger hunt in your neighborhood where the prize is candy (and let’s be real, up it to the king-size bars and no-one will be complaining!) and you’ll get the feel of the excursion for candy as well as the ability to wear your costume outside.

3. Backyard Movie under the stars

Streaming services are being extra keen to pump out seasonally relevant movies and shows this year, so why not up the anty on how you watch them? Take the movie outside with your family and enjoy the fall surroundings.

4. Make your own costumes this year

The one silver lining that’s come out of this pandemic is the ability to tackle those projects you’ve always wanted to accomplish — in this case, making your own costumes! In years past you’ve probably always been too busy bouncing from one activity to another to be able to sit down and make your own costume, but this is your year! Take advantage of the opportunity and make a whole event out of it.

5. Candy Cook-off

Trick-or-treating is a no-go according to the CDC, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your candy. Instead of buying candy to distribute, buy the candy you WANT to eat and then for the activity for the night, take that candy and turn it into a truly delicious treat! From smores to loaded brownies, you can make some mighty-fine treats for the fam with the candy you actually WANT to eat.

6. Up your Pumpkin Carving Game This Year

We’re talking ALL OUT this year. Go for the biggest, bestest, curviest pumpkin out there and take your time. Whether you’re going for a carved traditional look or a painted master piece, now’s the time to slow down the process and truly harness the fun of creating exactly what you want. Bonus points for turning it into a competition!

7. For the Adults — Candy Cocktail Pairings

The best part of Halloween for parents is the annual stealing of your kid’s candy in moderation so they don’t notice too much (guilty!) Since you can buy the candy you actually *want* to eat this year, why not turn it into a pairing opportunity? Snickers and old fashions pair historically well, you can’t go wrong with skittles and any champagne based cocktails, and there’s something truly refreshing about cutting the richness of a reeses with a neat glass of good whiskey.

We can’t stress this enough — different doesn’t mean bad, and many times different circumstances open the door for creative activities that are outside of the typical box. Whatever you do this Halloween, enjoy it to the fullest! We’ll look back on this year as a total mess, but holidays like this provide a small glimpse of fond memories. Happy Halloween, friends!

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