Walking down the aisle is a triumphant moment for any wedding couple. I don’t think enough celebrants or wedding planners emphasize or plan for how wonderful that moment can be.

I always ask my couples to think in the moments before the music starts about the fact that they are walking through their community into marriage. This moment is the culmination of all their planning. It’s not the party folks; it’s the marriage! And this short walk back down the aisle symbolizes that transformation.

Communities get it. It’s why they break into applause. They’re thrilled that you’re married. So why not take their well wishes a little bit farther?

Have your celebrant prepare your community before your aisle walk. She or he can ask the community to think about the one word that best encapsulates their wishes for your future. Have the community get their bubble bottle ready and to wait for a sign from the celebrant.

Again, before music starts, ask the couple to move part way down the aisle to stand in the midst of their community… the bubbles can start as the couple starts moving, but then all at once, on a sign from the celebrant, the community should shout out their blessings and begin another round of bubble blowing.

There you are in the midst of the well wishes feeling your community’s joy and hope for your future. Once the blessings die back, the music can pick up and you can cruise down the path to your future. Encourage people to break out the bubbles at the reception… say when they’d like you to kiss, or when you’re doing your first dance. Your bridal party can help start those waves of bubbles.

Then at your reception, you can collect those wishes in a few ways.

  • Provide small pieces of paper for each person to write their blessing and provide a bowl or basket to collect them. You can leaf through them and pick out one a day to live into for the rest of your lives.
  • Have someone collect the blessings with a digital recorder. Each table can give their blessings. (People can say their names first.)
  • Have your videographer to move from table to table and capture each person saying their one word blessing. He or she can then splice that into a blizzard of blessings for you to listen to for years to come.

We don’t take blessings seriously in this culture. But well-wishes are important. If you pick one blessing from your community a day to embody, you work on your marriage and you recognize your community as a source of inspiration and support. Both of those things help you create the marriage you want.

And whenever you see bubbles after that, you will associate them with happiness and blessing. Maybe you’ll begin to keep a little bottle in your pocket (you’ll have leftovers!) to shower the world with love. It’s such a silly thing. But it’s beautiful and blessings are important!

Source by Ann Keeler Evans