Wanting to get married also means the need for money to spend in terms of the ceremony, reception, clothes, and many other expenses. Some people may enjoy planning about the event, however, when it comes to the part wherein the costs are added, reality starts to kick in. There are so many things that couples may need to consider, but with complete research and enough preparation, coming up with cheap weddings that are wonderful is not impossible.

People who decide to get married but are on a budget must first think of where to get married, or where the reception is to be held. More often not, the reception itself tends to burn most of the money the couple has saved for their special day. One tip on how to save up on the costs is to just hold an intimate reception, or a small one.

In the event that you have too many guests and a small reception cannot be considered, the next step is to search for a free location, or at least one that is the lowest in cost. The venue for your marriage celebration may be free of charge if you decide to hold it in your family home, or maybe a friend’s garden. In the absence of those options, a low cost venue can be your local parish’s reception hall, clubhouse rentals, etc.

The next expense is the food to be served. The most affordable way is to let your relatives and friends do the cooking. This idea, of course, can be a bit tiring which is why most couples decide to just hire caterers which can be quite expensive. The trick to getting reasonably priced catering services is to search for restaurants that have affordable packages. There may even be some dining establishments that cater for a low fee and allows use of their venue for a certain number of hours at no extra charge.

Many people may not realize too that the specific day of the rites can help save money. A lot of venues tend to charge lower rental rates when the event is held during work days or even during Sundays. Having your matrimonial vows on a Saturday may result to higher rental costs. There are also off-peak months that may help reduce your expenses, specifically during April and October. Getting married in June or December may be priced higher, not to mention, harder to book a schedule. This is because many couples choose to get married during those months.

Lastly, it may also be a good idea to let some of your relatives or friends buy the cake, or take care of some of the expenses wherein they could chip in as a gift to you on your wedding day. In this way, you will be able to reduce the total amount of money you have to spend for the occasion.

Cheap weddings do not necessarily mean horrific celebrations. By researching and asking around as well as planning early, engaged couples will not have a hard time performing their dream nuptials through very minimal expenses.

Source by Albert Lee