There are a few different routes you could take for playing music at your wedding. First, you could play music yourself, either from a cd or a computer, but this requires that you own some necessary equipment, like speakers, amp, wires, etc. You could hire a live band to play, but they have to be able to play what kind of music you want to hear, and the live band can get rather expensive. So what to do? Hire a professional Wedding DJ! These are true professionals who will keep your party going for hours.

What should you consider when looking for a dj? Well, they should be professional. They should have a good collection of music, either as actual albums or on a computer. A diverse range of music is necessary to play all types of events. The Wedding DJ should be able to plan the event, know what he wants to play and when, and be able to cue the tracks up at will. He should be able to work his own equipment in the case of a malfunction, and his equipment should be top notch and in good working shape.

Ask to meet with the Wedding DJ before hand. Find out about where you can see the DJ perform, or how to get a better idea of the show they put on. Try to see them before you book them so you know they are what you are looking for. If you meet the DJ, find out if that is the DJ that will play your event, or if another DJ will play it. Also, always meet the DJ before signing any contracts.

Depending on the length of time you book the Wedding DJ, or what type of services they provide, such as lighting or karaoke, the DJ could cost more or less. The average price per hour is around 50 dollars per hour, and most don’t charge much more if they are. Be mindful of the fact that, a DJ who charges a lot less might not be the greatest DJ, and good entertainment is expensive and hard to come by. Factor these things in when you meet your Wedding DJ. After that, simple sit back and have some fun!

Source by John F Black