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A love like Demee & Brittneys is the kind of love you see in movies, the kind of love everyone hopes to one day find. Luckily for these two.. they have found it.

Meeting when they were 15 years of age both sharing the same passion for dance, as any amazing relationship they started out as friends. Friends then blossoming into something much more.

“We soon came to the conclusion that this was love, we had fallen for each other and there was nothing we could do about it! Haha. “

Not a thing needed to be done, they found that special connection and like any other, they built on it turning it into an unbreakable force.

Its not often you come across a love so strong you can feel it when you’re in their presence, you can see it in their eyes and you can feel it in your heart. The connection they have in undeniable, indestructible & most the most precious thing of all.

Starting the day they both started getting ready at roughly the same time, we couldn’t wait to meet our beautiful brides to be. Rob went to Demee and I went to Brittney. Each both very calm & looking beautiful as ever. As soon as I had seen both dress’s I couldn’t wait to start filming some heart-stopping moments!

Demee’s dress was from Rosa & Mary’s Bridal and Brittneys from Luv Bridal they both looked incredible. Their hair & makeup done by Kellie Bates looked flawless. As the ceremony was drawing closer and closer everyone got more and more excited for this magical moment.

The plan for walking down the aisle was a little different to the “standard” ceremony, and we just loved it! Demee walking down the path arm in arm with her Father, Brittney doing the same. Walking towards each other their first look was heart melting.

Demee & Brittney’s ceremony was conducted by Jenny Bradfield, she did such a wonderful job & describing them both and as you will see below, their vows were as from the heart as it gets.

Moving onto the video section, Summergrove Estate is perfect for amazing wedding video’s. It truly does have such a variety. With wide open views, gorgeous sunsets, big barn.. the works! We spent the afternoon finding some great little spots, they both made it so easy! They flowed like nothing I have ever seen before, there was no barrier on the affection they had for one another.

It was truly such a beautiful thing to be around. And to be able to capture something so precious creating it into a life long memory is something we hold very close to our hearts.

With the sun not far from setting, it was time to get stuck into this reception. All I could remember thinking was “ Yes! I cannot wait to see what they have created for their first dance!!” If I am being honest, it was probably the best first dance I have ever seen for a few reasons. Those I am sure you can see on your own.

This is our vote for wedding of the year, this same-sex wedding with this amazing first dance, emotional vows and two dresses is just WOW.

This was our first lesbian wedding ceremony and it was AMZING, lesbian marriage really aligns with Jadore wedding photo and video as a brand it’s our wedding of the year 2019, summergrove estate wedding venue is amazing and we enjoy any opportunity to head over there especially for our two brides and the epic first dance and beyonce wedding, two dresses beautiful vows makes wedding videography a pleasure and excited to announce we have our first lesbian proposal coming soo, gay pride 2019.

We thank both Demee & Brittney for allowing us to capture their love for one another in such a special way. Wishing them both all the happiness and love this world has to offer, even though it’s clear as day that they share that between one another in this same-sex marriage wedding.
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