When you’ve had a wedding planned for awhile, it’s hard to imagine the extent of circumstances that would move you to postponing or outright cancelling your special day. But with COVID-19 looming like an ever present rain cloud over all of the excitedly-planned 2020 weddings, that’s exactly where we are. It’s sad and deeply disappointing, of course it is, but couples are weathering through the storm and finding their rainbows in brand new wedding dates and totally clean slates. Having something to look forward to or work towards is a beautiful thing – and we’re happy that we can be a part of the “it will happen” hype – at 20 percent off, too!  

Our Style Me Pretty Collection stationery is stunning, especially the Save the Date cards – but just as beautiful are the ways that couples can take our designs and transform them into perfect (and powerful) Change the Date cards. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that our Change the Date tweaks might be a smidge even more special, just because changing the date shows a lot of strength and steadfastness, it’s celebration-worthy to a next-level degree – if you ask us! 

Officially changing the date with your venue and vendors is the hardest part of the wedding reenvisioning, because there are a lot of moving parts to making such a significant switch flip. But once you’ve done that, letting your guests know that things have been reshuffled shouldn’t have to be a big thing. Unlike couples who have had to cancel or postpone their weddings due to unforeseen circumstances that not all of their guests are privy to, couples making the decision to rearrange their nuptials this year can safely assume that their guests understand why. COVID complications, plain and simple. 

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