If you are getting in the fall you might choose to match your wedding stationery to the season. Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year; it is really no wonder why you would want your invitations to match this season.


Wedding invitations can be just about any color you desire. The traditional colors are white, cream or beige with black ink. Of course today, you can choose any color you want. In fact many brides use their wedding colors throughout all of their wedding planning, including in their wedding stationery.

If you want to remain traditional and just add a little modern flair, you could use fall colors to accent the invitation, instead of overpowering it. You can use these colors in your borders or throughout shapes, swirls and designs on the invitation itself. Some popular colors for autumn weddings include dark yellow, orange, red and all shades of brown.

Of course you could also simply choose one of those colors as the main color of the stationery and use black, white or other colors to soften the invitations image a bit.


Besides choosing appropriate colors for your stationery you might want to also choose themed wedding invitations. The most obvious wedding theme for fall weddings would involve leaves. It could be falling leaves or colored leaves. There is a lot of different wedding stationery out there with this wedding theme.

Besides leaves you could also use trees (usually leave less) or pumpkins. Another theme you might want to consider is using fall wedding flowers on your invitations. This is always a nice idea because you can choose to use the same flowers in your fall wedding invitations that you use in wedding centerpieces, flower arrangements and wedding bouquets.

The Rest of Your Day

If you are choosing to use fall wedding invitations there is a good chance that you would also like to use this theme throughout the day. This is not that difficult to accomplish.

You could choose to use flowers in your wedding which are in bloom in the autumn. Some of these flowers include mini calla lilies, marigold, lavender, heather, cosmos and asters. You can choose to use these flowers exclusively or just work them into yearlong flower arrangements. Some popular flowers available yearlong include lilies, mums, carnations and roses.

Besides the wedding stationery and the flowers you can also make fall colors the wedding colors, having your bridesmaids wear dresses that reflect the season. You may also want to search for autumn appropriate wedding favors and gifts.

Source by Pam Kazmierczak