The cake is the one part of the wedding that should always be present. For some people, it is as important as the actual wedding ceremony. The bride and groom can be excused for forgetting the wedding favors or forgoing the wedding dance, but nobody in his or her right mind would forget the wedding cake. Unfortunately, wedding cakes are notoriously expensive. Like any other item that is preceded with the word “wedding”, the cake comes with a ridiculously high price. But it is still possible to find affordable wedding cakes and stay within the wedding’s budget. To find these sweet deals on cakes, the bride must think like a married woman already.

The secret to the costs of cake

Some cakes are terribly expensive even when they appear unattractive, while others have prices that are too good to be true. Do cheaper cakes use ingredients that are in season? What’s the real deal with cakes?

The truth is that the flavors of the cake have nothing to do with its price. The factors that determine the cake’s price are the materials, such as fondant icing, the labor and skills (and reputation) of the baker, and the time spent in making the cake. This is why a round cake that is plain and smooth is more expensive than a round cake with several decorations. A plain smooth cake needs to be baked perfectly. If the cake turns out to be slightly lopsided, the baker will need to bake another one. On the other hand, a cake with flower decorations and icing may have imperfections but these are hidden underneath those sugary treats. This goes without saying that cakes with commonly used materials are less expensive than special ones.

The feast to the eyes

Now that you know what makes cakes expensive, your next step is to avoid the special ones. A cake that is called a “wedding cake” is definitely special. Thus, what you will be looking for is any other cake. Simply put, you need an ordinary cake that will look like a wedding cake. Is there a fundamental difference between a custom made wedding cake and an ordinary cake that can pass as a wedding cake? The answer is no. A cake is a cake. The only thing that makes the wedding cake special is its visual appeal. Therefore, when looking for cakes, you must find something that will be a feast to the eyes. It can be square, triangular, heart-shaped, two-tier, or single tier. Then, carefully choose adornments to an ordinary cake, such as fruits, ribbons, flowers, and figurines. Finally, to make this cake doubly special, it should be made as the centerpiece of the wedding reception.

Practicality meets brilliance

The most envied trait of married women is that they are both brilliant and practical. Since youre getting married, you already have these traits. You only need to use them when choosing wedding cakes. Here are some suggestions of other women like you.

  • Find a local baker. Local bakers are friendlier and more flexible. Some of them would not even charge for that extra little slice of cake that will be eaten during your first year anniversary.
  • Take time in window-shopping. Visit as many bakeries as possible. Check out bridal magazines and other sources that will provide you with more information about wedding cakes.
  • Consider buying a smaller cake and then complement this with cupcakes or sheet cakes. The cupcakes are less messy and more affordable. You can even make the cupcakes a day ahead of the wedding.
  • If you must have a three-tiered cake but can afford only two, try a fake bottom tier and have the upper tiers made of real cake. It would be great on the photos and good for everyone’s health.

Source by Paul Jones