The band you pick for your wedding reception can make or break the party. A bad band or boring song choice will…nobody will dance and the reception will fizzle out early. This is not a day you want people to remember the party because they snuck out early and saved money on their babysitters.

It is really important to select the right band for your wedding. If you are having a reception with a medieval theme there is no point selecting the best rock band in town. You need to select a band which suits your idea of your perfect wedding party.

There are five questions everyone should ask a band when they approach them to do a wedding.

Will you be available on the date?

All negotiations need to start from this point. If the band isn’t available on the day of your reception there is nothing else to discuss and you move on to your second choice of band. Save time and start with this before you enter into lengthy negotiations on price or song choices.

Which songs do you know how to play?

Most bands will have a song list. You should look for a band who are able to play a variety of music that most people will enjoy. Most people want a good mix of classic party songs and recent hits, unless your theme dictates the need for a specific style.

When you see the set list be sure to highlight any songs you really like or make not of the songs you like which are not on the list. If there is a particular song you want as your couple dance be sure to check the band know the song or are willing to learn it.

How much does the band charge for a wedding party?

You should ask for a price based on the amount of hours you are asking the band to play. Be sure to specify how many members of the band will be performing at the party, if you providing the band with food and drinks, the number of breaks the band will take and if travel or accommodation is provided for that price.

Compare the price to that given by other bands or ask your friends what they paid the bands at their wedding receptions. If the price is too high you can always offer a lower price.

What equipment do you need to provide?

You should clarify if the band has their own sound equipment. Most professional bands will bring their own or will rent it for the party if needed. This may cause them to raise their price. Many venues also have their equipment but it is best to have all the facts before signing a contract.

Will you…?

If you have specific needs of the band then this is the time to ask. Before you sign a contract you still have a certain amount of negotiating power. If you want the band to dress a certain way or be at the address at a certain time you need to discuss these details before making your final decision.

Source by Fred Grazier