Couples who are celebrating their two years of marriage should celebrate it with more vigor and enthusiasm. They have stronger grounds to congratulate and offer a toast to each other for this wonderful achievement. Time moves so fast that couples are not that conscious that they are about to reach their 2nd milestone.

When you are thinking of gift ideas for a 2nd wedding anniversary for your beloved spouse or for a married couple you love, there are many gifts to choose from based on the cotton and china themes for the second year of marriage. The 2nd anniversary gift color theme is red, flower is cosmos and gemstone is garnet.

To give you some symbolic meanings of the gift themes, cotton symbolizes durability, prosperity and versatility while it is elegance and beauty for china. These are desirable traits of a marriage in progress now on its second year.

For some cotton themed gift ideas, some items are globes, handkerchiefs or bandanas, t-shirts, plush towels, table cloths, clothing, napkins or place mats, bathrobes, bed sheets, pillow cases all made of cotton and personalized. One unique gift idea is an imported red cotton hammock for the couple’s snuggling, napping, reading, and relaxing sessions.

Other traditional cotton themed, customized gift ideas are your favorite photo on a decorative pillow, personalized ” kiss me goodnight” pillow case, family heirloom photo quilt, heart canvass with text, vintage wine label family name canvass, personalized messages on cotton clothing for her or him, cotton sportswear, women’s flirty aprons, men’s funny aprons, international cotton tapestries and cotton rugs.

If you are considering the modern china themed gift, some ideas are personalized engraved plates with portraits of the couple in the background, china vases, china wares and china figurines. Another idea is a flower themed gift basket containing a variety of cosmos seeds, some planting tools, cotton garden gloves, cotton towels and cotton face masks. For a garnet themed gift, you can opt for any jewelry, set of earrings, rings, bracelets or necklace accented by garnet stones.

If you really want unique gift ideas for 2nd wedding anniversary, come up with ideas of personalized gifts containing all the elements of the year’s theme: a little of cotton, something red, a spice of china and a garnet stone. If it is for your spouse, you can present the gift during your romantic wedding anniversary dinner date at your favorite restaurant in a hotel or suburban mall. You have to use a lot of imagination and creativity in coming up with a memorable gift incorporating the themes. With proper focus, time and dedication, you can do it!

Source by Fem Mascenon