The new Bride Amber was surprised as the Groom Jesse (me), with the help of the Groomsmen, interrupted the traditional Garter toss with an impromptu performance of Backstreet Boys Backstreet’s Back Choreography.

The Backstreet Boys have always been one my my absolute favourites. What better way to express your love for someone, than through dance! After 8 hours of rehearsal (for a 1 minute performance) and getting our poster artwork on point, we hit the floor!

This was filmed by at The Brentwood Bay Resort.

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Groomsmen 1: @jordykupina
Groomsmen 2: @nwolsegger
Groomsmen 3: @mcdonaldrealestategroup

Move over Brian, Nick, AJ, Kevin and Howie and thank you for the inspiration!