Have you just imported your dress and found that it doesn’t fit you properly? While you can return it to the manufacturer and be shipped another, it will take a lot of time. If your wedding is near and you can’t wait for the new outfit you should consider altering the dress by yourself.

How to Alter A Wedding Dress

You should wear the outfit and ask a friend to help you in marking and pinning up the amount of fabric that you need to take in. You should then remove the old seams using a seam ripper. To make your work easy you should only remove the seams that need to be removed.

Following your markings you should remove the old hem and iron out the crease. You should then mark the new length around the skirt and pin the ends under the dress. To ensure that the new hem is even you should use a tape measure to measure. Once the hems are even you should sew them, remove the pins and finish the edges.

To prevent raveling you should finish the edges of the new seams on the inside of the dress. You should then stitch a straight stitch along the length of the seam and trim the edges using picking shears. The good thing with the pinking shears is that they cut in a zigzag pattern which aids in reducing fraying. You can also finish the edges using a serger machine.

Helpful Tips

When doing the alteration, ensure that there is no more than 2 inch difference in the alteration from the waist to the bust of the outfit. This is to prevent the outfit from looking awkward.

When determining the amount of material that you need to take in, wear the shoes that you are planning to wear during the wedding day. This will help you in making perfect alterations.

Remember that wedding dresses are made from expensive, delicate fabrics; therefore, you should be cautious when altering the outfit. If you feel unconfident of your ability to alter the outfit perfectly, it’s wise that you hire the services of a professional tailor.


This is how you should alter a wedding dress. To avoid altering the outfit be very careful when making the purchase. Remember that different manufactures have different sizes; therefore, you should always do your research to find the right size for you.

Source by Hera X