This area of wedding invitations is very popular. You will find a quality and variation of styles far beyond that of most large department stores. Simply because not every one has access or the knowledge at their fingertips of this niche area. Of who can do what and where. In the large department stores the bridal couple is caught up in the occasion of buying her dress and other bits and it is convenient to purchase stationery there and then. With out any knowledge or understanding of what else is on offer elsewhere. Especially any alternative Handmade and Custom Wedding Invitations.

Many of these niche companies are small cottage businesses, providing a service second to none. They may range from adding and gluing bits onto a card covers and adding glitter glue. Or lace threaded across the card cover mimicking the bridal bodice of old. Hand labor that a larger store could not provide but a smaller business is only to willing to do for the love and success of their designs. Then there are the companies that feel that there is to much formality in the wedding and that a more light hearted approach need apply. This could be in the form of a caricature of the couple in any pose or situation printed onto their card. How individual is that? With all the guests receiving a card it surely provides a great talking point before, during and after the wedding. Not to mention that because it is so unique many guests will keep these as a keepsake. I can’t think of to many stores that would happen with.

The point I am making is that look beyond the obvious, the big stores and stationery providers and you will find a abundance of alternative and equally as good wedding invitations that will compete with the large firms on price, quality and give service second to none.

If you have the time to plan ahead for your wedding it is worth seeing exactly what is best suited for you, your budget and the memory of your day. Think about what else is out there for you like Handmade and Custom Wedding Invitations.

Source by Tim Olden