Hey APW,

If I’m being honest… it still feels weird to be writing a ‘Happy Hour’ post this week. My heart has felt heavy. My mind has been consumed. And the news and internet have been overwhelmingly painful. So, I’ll start by acknowledging the fact that the movement, work, and change of anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter movement is far from over… if you’re looking for ways to get involved, refer to last week’s Action Hour post for some ideas, and shop our truly epic round-up of Black womxn owned businesses. And that doesn’t even touch on the still lingering, still problematic Coronavirus pandemic that continues to spread across the country and the world.

Things have been busy and wild here at APW. We’re all still plugging away from our home offices, balancing kids who are now on ‘summer break’ (whatever that means in 2020), and our own mental health. We sure hope you all are holding it together, taking care of yourselves and each other, and remembering to breathe. 2020 is a marathon, not a sprint, despite what it may feel like in the moment.

Ya’ll, we’ve made it to the weekend. For me, this one looks like a list of house projects, time in the garden, and some deep dives into my reading list.

What does your weekend look like, APW? How are you doing? It’s your open thread.




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