By a show of hands, who has heard something along the lines of “the veil makes the bride” at some point in their wedding planning journey? Well, any of those silly little clichés, really, we’ll be as bold as to say that they’re all fake news. The only real sentiment we can get behind is that “it’s not a wedding, unless there’s cake…” (kidding, of course,  these days, more than EVER before, a wedding can be anything that the couple wants it to be, we’re just particularly hungry for the ones that have cake 😉🍰). Five concentric tiers and tantalizing from top to bottom? Three square levels of luscious, buttercream-frosted perfection? Maybe it’s a croquembouche or a cheesecake, a tower of cupcakes or a creative cookie cake display, perhaps? No matter the look, if it’s a pretty confection, enjoyed in the name of love, it’s a wedding cake and we’ll take it! 

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