If you know anything about being a bride or planning a wedding, then you are well aware of the fact that it is no easy task. Fortunately, most brides are privileged to receive assistance from their girlfriends, otherwise known as, bridesmaids. While most bridesmaids make a concerted effort to help to ease some of the burden of wedding planning for the bride, there are an elite group of bridesmaids that are deemed to be exceptional. If you are one of the fortunate brides that are in search of the perfect gift for your exceptional bridesmaid, then look no further …

Let's define an exceptional bridesmaid. An exceptional bridesmaid is:

One who rises to the challenge without hesitation,

Someone who would encourage you not to purchase a bridesmaids gift for her in order to preserve your budget,

One who takes initiative in order to lighten your load,

A girlfriend who helps to ease your doubts and pushes you to work through your disagreements with the groom,

One who supports your decisions and offers advice, lightheartedly,

One who is willing to plan the wedding for you in order to make your life easier,

And the list goes on ..,

If you believe that you have an exceptional bridesmaid standing up in your wedding, then she deserves an exceptional bridesmaids gift. This gift should go over and beyond what the other bridesmaids will receive. However, it is up to you to decide whether or not you will present this outstanding bridesmaid with her gift in front of the other girls. Some would argue that it is inappropriate to esteem one bridesmaid higher than the other, given the fact they all have made a concerted effort to help the bride plan her special day.

While deciding when to give your highly esteemed bridesmaid her gift is not the issue, finding the perfect bridesmaid gift poses more of a challenge. You may consider arranging a pamper day for her, paying for her wedding attire, or sending her on a weekend retreat. Another alternative is bridesmaids jewelry. While you may give your other bridesmaids a set of inexpensive jewelry to wear on your wedding day, you might consider giving your prize bridesmaid a set of diamond bridal jewelry. Just keep in mind that an exceptional bridesmaid most certainly deserves an exceptional bridesmaids gift.

Source by Nicole Lindsey