You have a friend’s wedding coming up and are not quite sure what to get the newly married couple. This friend has been there for you through thick and thin, so, you want to get something nice, that shows you care, but also something that is very practical. After thinking about it for awhile, you are still not set on anything, but not to worry, there is a wonderful gift option and that is a beautiful hope chest, which would make the perfect wedding gift.

If you are thinking, why would a hope chest be a perfect wedding gift, well, there are many different reasons that it would be in fact. One, is the tradition that is behind this fabulous piece of furniture. This tradition stems back many, many years to when a young lady was preparing for marriage. She would be given this in her teens and would put different keepsakes and things in it that she would need when she was married. Then, when she was married, she would pass it down to her daughter and so on. Sure, this tradition has fallen by the wayside, but it would be a nice gift for a new couple so they can keep their keepsakes in it together and then pass it down to their children and their children’s, children, starting a new and even better tradition.

Another reason why a hope chest would be a good wedding gift is because it is tremendously beautiful furnishing. It gets this beauty from its fantastic design and the many eye-catching materials that it can be crafted from. Some material options include pine, oaky, cherry, and the infamous cedar, which is the number one material used to make them because of its stunning natural wooden tones and its aromatic smell. All of these material options are very pretty though. Plus, along with being very pleasing to the eye, the third and final reason why one would make a good wedding gift is because it is a practical selection that would be the perfect addition to any room throughout your friends’ home. They could use it in their bedroom as a nice place to store extra bedding, clothes, or other personal items. Or, they could put it in a larger bathroom, guest bedroom, walk in closet, or recreational room as a lovely spot to store anything that needs putting away.

To find the perfect one for that new couple, instead of taking a trip to your local furniture store to see some of the selections that you could pick out, just hit the internet and do a little online comparison shopping. It is an easy way to see all of the different options without the hassle of having to leave your home and spending all that money on gas.

So, if you are on the lookout for that perfect wedding gift, then a fantastic option is a beautiful hope chest. The tradition behind it makes it a wonderful gift that will show how much you really care about the new couple. Really, there is no better selection available.

Source by Jennifer Akre