To start off, please know that we are absolutely devastated by COVID-19 and the havoc it has wreaked on soonlyweds and their upcoming special days. It’s truly something we’ve never seen before – nor hope to ever see again (once the pandemic runs its course and peaces out for good). That said, if there’s any silver lining in any of this, it’s that – against all odds – love and commitment are triumphing. A global outbreak is hardly what one would call a ‘hiccup,’ those of you who’ve been planning 2020 weddings are more than handling it. Even if it means scaling down the size of your celebrations to meet CDC social gathering guidelines and respective state ordinances. 

Whether you’ll be postponing the entire wedding for some time later this year or next, enjoying a much smaller reception now and then blowing it out with an epic party once guests are able [to come], or taking all of the craziness as a sign to simplify to #justyoutwo, your day dooesn’t have to suffer with a smaller guest list. You can even have the best of both worlds if you want to make things official right now, with just each other and/or a few extra close family and friends, and then go BIG when the powers that be give you the green light.

Luckily, our Style Me Pretty Collection wasn’t envisioned with any big or small wedding size criteria in mind. So, if you find yourself wanting to throw out Plan A for something private with your mister or missus, or if you think you can be cool with a Zoom wedding that rivals John Krasinski’s-officiated affair this week (that’s a tall order, BTW), then we’ve got you! Check out some ideas we have for a scaled-down nuptials soiree, along with a few must-haves to make the occasion all the more meaningful.

… Oh, and yes, you’ll notice that so many of the sweetest, most enduring memories of your wedding don’t need an audience…

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