Hey APW,

It’s just 9 AM here, and already my nerves are shot. I wore clothes that I didn’t mind if I stress sweat through. And I thought I might not be able to eat, but instead I seem to be stress eating carbs (which, you know, scans). I’m pondering when I might need an Ativan—or if I just want to hold out for booze tonight.

I’ve noticed that in the last few months, folks have stopped saying “This is the most consequential election of our lifetimes,” because that has become too obvious to bother stateing. Seven months ago we were voting for human dignity and human rights. Now we’re voting to keep ourselves and our fellow citizens alive during a terrifying pandemic.

But the good news is, today is the day where we have a chance to end this nightmare. And I think we’ve given it our all, and left everything on the field. And for that I’m damn proud of those of on team Biden / Harris.

Our team decided on Monday, that we would cope with daily morning Zoom check ins, prioritizing easy mindless work today (and stopping work if we need to), and generally our mental and physical safety. On my coping docket today is cleaning my office (cough I mean living room) where I’ve literally just shoved stuff under the couch since the pandemic hit. I’ll also be working out, taking some stock photos and doing some other filing type chores. I know I have to keep my hands busy.

But for those of you who just need to TALK (and boy do I feel you), or discuss your own coping, here is your open thread.

Let’s all live in prayer / vibes / manifesting, whatever it is you do, and hope that we have an early call of Florida going for Biden tonight.

Let’s get this done.


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