The day began with honoring their culture by doing door games and a tea ceremony. Becky put in her own touches by creating the hanging poms for the ceremony and adding white drapery to the arbor. The traditional Chinese banquet reception was held at Koi Palace. We love how they infused so much tradition into their wedding day! Enjoy this Modern Traditional Chinese Wedding on a $24K Budget

Xoxo, Jessica

Becky Lam + Michael Chang

April 28th, 2018
Ainsley House | Campbell, CA

What was your total budget? Please provide a budget breakdown.

  • Catering: $9000
  • Alcohol/Bar: $300
  • Cake: $600
  • Flowers: $770
  • Rentals + Decor: $550
  • Planner: $2400
  • Music/Entertainment: $1000
  • Photography: $4585
  • Hair & Makeup: $835
  • Ceremony Venue: $1805
  • Miscellaneous: $295

Total Budget: $24,000

How many guests did you have?

120 guests

What creative or personal aspects did you include in your wedding?

We designed and printed all of our own signage and paper goods!

Did you do any DIY projects or create any handmade items for your weddings?

The escort cards were individually folded into koi fish. We also collected our own decor, made the string poms for the ceremony, and added the white drapery for our ceremony arbor.

What was the biggest thing you did to save money?

We supplied our own beverages. The reception tables didn’t need centerpieces because of the 10-course Chinese banquet meal to come (no room for centerpieces!). We also made all of our own signage.

What was most important to you two? Was there anything you chose to splurge on or skip?


What was your favorite detail?

Our advice box – we received so many touching notes from our guests!

Did you include any family heirlooms or traditions?

The day began with honoring our culture by doing door games and a tea ceremony. Traditionally, the groom goes to the bride’s family home to pick up his bride. But first he must pass a series of tests to prove he is worthy. After, the bride changed into a red qipao (the color of good luck & fortune) and then performed the tea ceremony to express gratitude to their families.

What is the most memorable moment of your day?

Being able to enjoy and relax with all of our family and friends.

What’s the best advice you have for planning your wedding now that you’re on the other side?

Hire a wedding planner to save yourself stress during the planning and on the wedding day!


Catering: Koi Palace | Cake: Satura Cakes | Flowers: With Flourish | Rentals: Williams Part Rentals | Planner: Two Perfect Events | Entertainment: Big Fun DJ | Photography: Trung Hoang Photography | Hair and Makeup: Soyi Makeup | Ceremony Venue: Ainsley House | Reception Venue: Koi Palace| Officiant: Dan Kennedy Weddings

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