Are you tired of giving the same old gifts for every wedding? Want to give something that the happy couple can use year after year and pass down to their children? Consider a personalized memory chest. These solid wood storage boxes harken back to the old days when brides brought hope chests with them into the marriage. Nowadays, the groom gets to participate in this ritual too, which is why boxes that are monogrammed with the bride and groom’s initials are so popular right now.

Start A New Tradition, Continue An Old Tradition

Weddings are the perfect time to start a new tradition or to give the bride and groom a jump-start on creating their own family traditions. Maybe you’re a grandmother and want to start a new tradition by giving all of your grandchildren personalized memory chests as bridal gifts. Maybe you’re a mom who received a chest on your wedding day and want the same thing for your daughter.

A solid wood chest is a gift that is steeped in tradition and history and one that will last a lifetime. What starts out as a special gift today may become a family heirloom tomorrow, passed down from generation to generation for years to come.

A Gift Of Style And Function

Most bridal registries contain everyday items that the newlyweds need to settle into their new home and life together. What they lack, and what most couples end up spending their own money on, is furnishings for the home. That’s why monogrammed memory chests make such great gifts. They can hold some of those household items like linens or china, but also double as a functional and attractive home furnishings.

The piece can be used for many different things as the couple’s needs change. Once kids come along, it may become a handy place to stash toys and games. If the family has frequent houseguests, extra blankets and pillows can be stored for easy access.

Available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles, they can be used in many ways by the new couple. Smaller keepsake boxes can be tucked away to store mementos while larger boxes can be an integral part of the home decor.

Add A Special Touch With Monogramming

Monograms make the chests totally unique and are the perfect representation of the unity of two individuals in marriage. Imagine a monogrammed wedding chest sitting at the foot of the couple’s bed; Her first initial on the left, his on the right and the first initial of their last name proudly located in between. Could anything else say “Man and Wife” better?

Wow Them With A Unique Gift

The next time you receive a wedding invitation and want to give the couple something really special, consider a monogrammed memory chest. They will be wowed and touched by the thought put into a gift that is designed to protect their most cherished memories as they become a family.

Source by Chris A. Harmen