Norah Jones is known for piano ballads that touch the deepest part of the soul. Among the tunes on any list of top love songs by Norah Jones, you can find romantic ballads with a mild tempo and sentimental lyrics.

About Norah Jones

Norah Jones could be the most influential jazz artist of her generation. She was honored with an award as the Top Jazz Artist for the 2000s by Billboard. A brilliant pianist and songwriter, Norah Jones has a gift for expression that few composers can match. This has allowed her to cross barriers and genres with her music.

Jones is a second-generation musical artist. Her father is Ravi Shankar, a popular Indian musician. Norah grew up in Texas where she attended a Methodist church. The spiritual musical roots of Jones can still be heard in her music today. Norah Jones was also influenced by the music of Billie Holiday and other jazz and blues artists.

A trained musician, Norah Jones has been honored with Grammy Awards for her work. She has also sold more than 50 million records around the world. Despite her popularity, she remains one of the most down-to-earth musical artists.

norah jones wedding songs

Norah Jones Wedding Songs

Many couples have turned to Norah Jones’ catalog of recordings for wedding songs. One reason her work is so popular among newlyweds is that many of her songs are piano-based ballads. This is just the type of music that can be used in many parts of a wedding ceremony.

Come Away With Me
2002, Come Away with Me

This piano ballad became one of the first big hits for recording artist Norah Jones, and it has also become one of the most popular wedding songs of the millennium. The lyrics of the song offer a sweet invitation from one partner to another, and the song is soft enough to create a beautiful modern wedding recessional.

Turn Me On
2002, Come Away with Me

The sultry side of Norah Jones comes out on this jazz hit, a song that newlyweds like to dance to at the wedding reception. There are other ways to use the song, one of which is playing it while the wedding guests are arriving.

2004, Feels like Home

This Norah Jones ballad is a celebration of promise and hope, two ideas that are always appreciated at a wedding gathering. Allow the bridal party to walk down the aisle to this song if you want to slowly build the drama of the wedding celebration.

Until the End
2007, Not Too Late

Lifelong devotion is a theme that is important to all newlyweds, and that is what the lyrics of this love song imply. It is a song that is best saved for the end of the wedding celebration, perhaps as the soundtrack to the send-off with wishes for a wonderful honeymoon.

The Nearness of You
2002, Come Away with Me

Norah Jones is at her best on this Hoagy Carmichael classic, a poignant love song that is filled with the emotion jazz songs are known for. If you want to create a truly magical first dance with your new spouse, have the DJ play this one as you enter the reception hall.

Those Sweet Words
2004, Feels like Home

The importance of language on your wedding day cannot be overstated, and this song from Norah Jones is a reminder that those sweet words shared between couples have great meaning. A sentimental wedding song like this one deserves a place of honor in your wedding festivities, and it is often chosen to mark the bride’s procession to the altar.

Be Here to Love Me
2004, Feels like Home

Having someone to love throughout the years is what many of us dream about, and here’s a love ballad that expresses that dream with sweet lyrics. It is a song that can be played during the actual wedding ceremony, but many couples like to save it for a special dedication to all those wedding guests who have found true love.

Be My Somebody
2007, Not Too Late

Everyone needs that special somebody, and this song will let your partner know that they have filled the open spot at the center of your world. Imagine looking deep into the eyes of your forever love as you dance to this special wedding song by Norah Jones.

Thinking About You
2006, Thinking About You

In those wonderful days leading up to the wedding ceremony, you will have many moments to pause and think about the person you have chosen to be your partner, and when you hear this song at your wedding you will recall all of the wonderful qualities of your new spouse. Dance with them to this slow ballad from Norah Jones, and don’t forget to whisper a prayer of thanks that you found one another.

Man of the Hour
2009, The Fall

On your wedding day, the groom is certainly the man of the hour, and it doesn’t hurt to remind him with a special song dedication or two during the reception. Have the DJ play this one just for him and allow the groom to shine.

Young Blood
2009, The Fall

Never forget the glory of young love and being youthful, something that becomes harder to appreciate as the years go by. This is a great dance tune for your wedding, and you could also have the DJ play it while the wedding cake is being cut to liven up the moment.

It’s Gonna Be
2009, The Fall

Let this song remind you that your love is strong and meant to be, something that will last through the years as you grow old with one another. Play this song as the wedding party exits the wedding chapel to leave your guests with a wonderful memory of the day.

It’s a Wonderful Time for Love
2016, Day Breaks

Weddings are all about the celebration of true love between two deserving people, and Norah Jones affirms that with this wedding song. Play it as a reminder that today is one of the happiest days that you will ever know, and pause to appreciate each moment.

And Then There Was You
2016, Day Breaks

Many people take numerous twists and turns before they make it to the wedding altar, but here’s a love song that lets you know the journey was worth every step. Like many Norah Jones songs, this one can be used as a modern wedding march if you want to step away from tradition.

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